Amman, Jordan – March 2014 In line with the strategic vision of its partnership with Global Communities, Nabil Foods – the most prominent name in the frozen food industry in Jordan and the region – recently announced its participation on a newly formed Hospitality and Tourism Sector Advisory Committee. Nabil joined Global Communities at The Jordan Museum to sign the latest collaborative agreement between the two parties.


As with the two parties’ “Cooking and Kitchen Management” courses, the Hospitality and Tourism Sector Advisory Committee seeks to empower youth in the Kingdom’s hospitality and tourism industry. Alongside Nabil Foods, the technical advisory committee boasts the participation of numerous relevant businesses and organizations from the private sector, including five-star hotels, touristic restaurants and private hospitals. Through the committee, Global Communities hopes to further engage youth in Jordan in a vital economic sector, providing insights and opportunities that will align the skills of the Kingdom’s young people with the demands of the industry.


Nabil Foods Marketing Director Farah Rassam expressed her delight in joining the committee, saying, “As a proudly Jordanian company, we at Nabil are eager to help the Kingdom tackle its unemployment issues, especially among the country’s youth. With so much untapped potential in the local food and hospitality industry, we believe that this committee will play a pivotal role in working to direct the right competencies in the right directions. Nabil looks forward to offering up its knowledge and expertise for this purpose, and to building upon its fruitful strategic partnership with Global Communities.”


Global Communities’ Hospitality and Tourism Sector Advisory Committee seeks to work with key advisors, businesses and organizations in order to develop and implement training courses based on the actual demands of the industry. The committee aims to connect youth to employment opportunities in the targeted sector, and to launch awareness initiatives for students and their parents about the nature of the industry, its potential career paths and key employment opportunities.


It is worth mentioning that Nabil Foods hosts intensive culinary arts courses at its training center, under the supervision of Nabil’s resident chef, Nidal Al Burehi, and in cooperation with Jordan Applied University’s College of Hospitality and Tourism Education. In addition to receiving professionally applicable cooking and hospitality skills, participants are given accredited certification for the courses upon completion.


Global Communities, through its MENA YES Program, seeks to empower youth and enable them to enter the workforce, either as skilled laborers or entrepreneurs, providing them with the skills required to ensure their success. Operating in Jordan, Lebanon, and Yemen, the program aims to contribute to the social and economic development of these countries by helping societies overcome poverty and unemployment.


Nabil Foods was founded in 1945 and today is considered one of the most prominent names in the frozen food industry in Jordan and the region. The company produces more than 200 chicken, meat, and fish products, along with a line of ready-to-eat frozen meals and desserts. Nabil also supplies a number of international fast food chains with food products for their operations.