Al Nabil Company owns a c.25,000m2 production plant and warehouse, which produces and distributes over 200 different frozen food processed products to the following major customer categories:

  • QSR customers
  • Retail customers (supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores)
  • Food service customers (restaurants, corporates, oil and gas camps and airline catering)
  • Other customers placing large quantities of specialized orders

The Company distributes its products within Jordan and exports to over 15 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Nabil's facility has seven different production lines fully equipped with the latest technology and capacity to drive future growth. Since 2009, Nabil has more than tripled its capacity, upgraded technology, added new production lines, stream lined operations, built a new warehouse and opened a showroom.


Nabil’s capacity utilization is at c.50% (as of June 2012), which means there is ample room with which to increase production and meet rising demand. Nabil purchases new machinery from leading suppliers worldwide, significantly increasing production efficiency, reducing wastage and improving safety standards. New machinery and technology enable Nabil to produce higher quality products and increase the variety of its products.


Opened in June 2012, a newly constructed state-of-the-art warehouse was built to internalize storage and increase storage capacity. Nabil’s newly established showroom in Amman, Jordanians in increasing direct interaction with its customers, displaying the full Nabil product range, creating new dishes in a specially-designed kitchen/recipe testing area and increasing brand visibility.


Nabil has a leading market share across its major product lines, and Nabil products can be found in 74% of all supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country Nabil’s dominant market share in Jordan arises from the strength of its brand name.


Nabil has nine major production lines for the preparation and processing of raw materials, which produce numerous variations within its seven major product groups. This includes four production lines for beef and chicken formation as well as another Five production lines for other product categories (excluding “precooked” meat, which does not require formation as raw meat is directly frozen after preparation).


Nabil has 13 packaging machines that are able to produce 200,000 packs for retail use and 90,000 packs for restaurant use per day. Depending on the order planning for any given day, the company is able to produce a combination of retail and restaurant packs at an average rate of 120,000 packs per day.


Nabil controls the entire value chain, from sourcing raw materials from international and local reputable suppliers to production and storage in its own state-of-the-art plant and warehouse, to distribution to end customers in Jordan and distribution centers for VIP customers and export sales via fully equipped trucks.