Since 1945, we at Al Nabil Company for Food Products are specialized in manufacturing wide range of frozen & chilled products that include; Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Turkey, Fish, Pastries, Desserts & recently Ready Meals from International cuisines with six hundred and fifty employees with high experiences focusing on manufacturing, producing and marketing food products that are available in different styles of packaging, to cater to the retail and wholesale markets.


All our products are Halal 100% and manufactured according to the International standards and specifications including:

  • Food Safety Management System ISO22000:2005
  • Quality Management System ISO9001:2000
  • EFSIS (European Food Safety Inspection Services)
  • Jordan Quality Marks (JQM)

Nabil's raw materials are free from Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO free) with no additives and come from only the finest approved suppliers, these suppliers go under tailor made process for being approved.


Al Nabil Company has nine production lines; two production lines for frozen chicken, two production lines for frozen beef, one production line for Kubbe products, one production line for cold cuts, one production line for pastries, one production line for desserts & one production line for ready meals, it's important to mention that Nabil added the latest two frozen beef & chicken lines that has the most recent technology for manufacturing in this industry; Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) in the region, the area where those production lines are operating is supplied with HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters that exchange and filtrate the coming air six times per hour, also this air is applied in those production halls using positive air pressure technique.


Al Nabil Company tests its raw materials & finished products using the most advanced technique in microbial, chemical & sensory analysis through its in-house laboratories.


Nabil proud to say it has it's his area of expertise which has been developed from generation to another bringing the latest technologies & techniques in this industry.


Nabil products are being distributed throughout local & international markets to satisfy the different tastes of our clients and to fulfill their needs in food catering to hotels, restaurants (Local & International), hospitals, universities, schools, cafes and airline companies alongside with the retail sector. In addition, we lead in our innovative marketing methods with state of the art research and development centers.


Due to the strict and highest standards process for Nabil's products that start from raw materials, quality assurance and laboratories, storage and packaging, production management not ending with distribution channels only, but also client satisfaction, all of these factors together created and established a high loyal clients for its products which led the distinguished branded restaurants and point of sales to ask for Nabil products to be served either to be sold for direct clients or for the purpose of catering.


We at Al Nabil, constantly developing and innovating new methods in manufacturing and marketing our products to ensure they are always with high quality and healthy. We seek to achieve the best and the latest standards so that our products meet our clients expectations and trying to remain the leader in our industry.