Raw Materials Sourcing

At Nabil, we ensure that our suppliers conform to quality assurance (QA) requirements according to the international standards in Jordan in addition to the Nabil food supplier checklist and standards, which includes HACCP, GMPs, Animal Welfare, ISO 9001 ISO 22000, and Halal slaughter requirements. Suppliers must also provide official data on chemical, GMO-free, microbial and Halal inspections carried out per shipment or on a batch basis. All of our raw materials are sourced from approved suppliers around the globe.


Food Safety and Quality Assurance

In addition to testing reports from suppliers, Nabil conducts control testing within the plant at various stages of the product process as per industry standards. Raw materials, in-process and finished products and water are all rigorously subjected to the following test:

  • Microbiology lab testing to ensure food safety
  • Sensory analysis to develop and enhance current products
  • Chemical testing using a food scan spectrophotometer to test for fat, protein, moisture and collagen content
  • In-line product inspection and verification



Nabil has obtained all the quality certificates required to produce safe and high quality products, including the following:

  • Food Safety system ISO22000:2005, Quality Management system ISO9001:2008
  • Jordan Quality Mark (JQM)
  • European Food safety inspection services  EFSIS


Storage and Distribution Network

The Nabil warehouse can store up to 3,500 tons and 2,000 of dry and frozen finished goods, respectively. We guarantee same day delivery from our warehouse to the Jordan market and three to five days (depending on export country) to export markets; International Quick services restaurants QSR’S customers, both Jordanian and international.